Hello and welcome to the Undernet/Neko-Net #ipsec page.

On this page you will find information about the channel, and hopefully also some documentation on how to do things as we figured them out. This is stuff you usually won't find in manuals, and will take you ages (if at all) to find on the web. Links to reference material will be provided where appropriate.

First, lets start off with some boring stuff: Channel rules.

  • Be polite.
  • Ask any questions you have following these guidelines.
  • Don't do things in our channel you also wouldn't want happening in your own: join floods, /msg floods, portscanning members, etc, etc.
  • In general, abiding the Undernet #linux channel rules in here as well, works.
  • Some flooding is allowed, but please keep it as short and relevant to what you're doing as possible.

Some links:

  • Go here for everything you need to know about ipsec as protocol.
  • FreeS/Wan project pages. FreeS/Wan is an implementation of the ipsec protocol for the linux kernel - This project is abandoned now. Refer to openswan.
  • FreeS/Wan documentation. Must read.
  • Stuff on VPN and masquerading can be found here. This is very old. Better to concentrate on the recent NAT-T developments, which elledgedly let ipsec play nice with NAT.
  • Information on adding X.509 Certificate support to FreeS/Wan can be found here. I will add a section on how to actually set this up soon as the documentation on that site is somewhat confusing.
  • VPN Howto (dated (2.0 and 2.2 kernels), and not ipsec related) here
  • VPN Masquerading howto here (also dated)